Why choose us as your trampoline socks supplier?

1. Custom Design
No matter you want to fully custom and design your trampoline gripĀ socks for you brand or need print your logo on socks, we can do help for you.

2. Experienced
We’ve been in this industries for years in China, and with rich experience, skillful workers to manage every of your order delivered within time.

3. Performance
All trampoline park socks we made with high quality grip, prevents slipping, safety and keep clean when you jumping on the trampoline park.

4. High Quality
Our trampoline grip socks were made of great materials, you can also customs proportion of cotton, polyester and its non-slip grippers.

Why use trampoline socks when jump in trampoline park?

Trampoline grip socks promote safety and cleanliness within the trampoline park. The high quality traction used on the bottom of our socks provides enough friction to reduce sliding on the trampoline mats. This reduction can decrease the likelihood of accidents. The socks also help control the spreading of germs and bacteria which can be exchanged between bare sweaty feet.
Custom trampoline grip socks are a great marketing tool that can be used to promote your business. Our design team will work with you to establish an exclusive design that is attractive for young jumpers. Many jumpers like to collect these socks and wear them to show to friends.

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