About Us

1. Who We Are
We provide a full line of branded trampoline grip socks and is a licensee for leading brands and many more reliable brands.

4. Products
Trampoline Grip Socks in various sizes, colors and lengths, as well as in cotton and polyester materials.

5. Production
Over 5000 dozen of socks per day.

6. Yarns
Cotton, Polyester, CoolMax, etc.

7. Exportion
United States, Canada, Germany, France and Australia .

8. We Operate
Have long-term trusted partnerships with the world’s best-known trampoline parks, including Bounceinc, Airhop Ltd, ect.

9. Facilities
Knitting Machines: Total 80, Robert and Brother, with gauges from 3.5 to 4.5 and needles96, 108, 120, 132, 144. Sewing Machines: Rosso, Conti, Lavatek. Boarding Machines: Tehnopea, Heliot.

10. Mission
We pride ourselves on innovating ideas for producing high quality trampoline grip socks at competitive prices. Throughout every step in the process, from radical new designs to immaculate finished products, we ensure the highest standards in the industry giving every customer a superior yield.

11. Core Values
Process Innovation, Product Innovation, Channel Coverage, Cost Reduction.

12. Difference
We recognized as the trampoline jump socks expert in our industry. We have earned this leadership position through the knowledge and expertise gained since our founding in 2010, and through consistently demonstrating the right values for our people, our communities and our customers.

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